Just what makes our service department better?

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When we started manufacturing lasers, we quickly realized that many of our customers were running their lasers 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. These customers told us that their high-volume production can't afford any amount of downtime. As a result, PRC was the first industrial laser supplier to establish a service hotline so that our customers could get help 365 days-a-year. Our competitors have since copied the hotline idea, but they can't copy our dedication to it. Call our service line and you'll be speaking to a trained technician in seconds. Chances are that once you call, we'll solve whatever problem you have without having to make a service visit. In fact, our experienced technical support staff solves about 85% of service-related problems over the phone, saving our customers time and money.


PRC has a staff of dedicated field service technicians ready to assist with any difficulties you might encounter at your facility. When a service visit is requested, we'll have a person at your facility the next business day.


At PRC we export more than 50% of products manufactured all around the world. Over the years we've developed relationships with after sales service agents on every continent and have established spare part centers as well. Wherever your facility is located, there is a PRC representative ready to assist you.

PRC offers one and two week training courses at our facility to familiarize your operators and maintenance staff with the PRC design. Attending a course at PRC can help keep your machines running well, and should a problem arise, the more your people know, the sooner the laser will be back in production.


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