PRC manufactures Fast-Axial Flow, DC Excited, CO2 lasers with power levels from 1000-8000 Watts. We offer a wide variety of enclosures and control interface options, beam characteristics, wavelengths and custom lasers.

PRC lasers are engineered to operate 24-Hours a day, seven days a week, making them the perfect choice for demanding three-shift applications! PRC lasers can be found at the heart of a wide variety of applications.

PRC Advantages:

  • Low Maintenance with long optic & glass life
    • Patented oil and maintenance free TURBOFLOW® compressor.
    • LifeLong electrodes greatly reduce contamination
    • GEM Module actively scrubs any contaminants
    • Optimized beam profiles reduce thermal stress on the optics
  • Microprocessor based controls with built in diagnostic routines Unmatched pulsing performance
  • Reliable and efficient DC Excitation
  • Continuous operation capability
  • 24-Hour technicalsupport

PRC Lasers last longer and cost less to operate!
  • Replacing optics, glassware and electrodes!
  • Replacing your turbine every 10,000 hours!
  • Buying a new resonator every 30,000 hours!
  • Replacing your sealed CO2 laser every 3-7 years!
  • Waiting for tech support to call you back!

DC Excitation vs. RF Excitation
PRC's DC excited design obliterates the argument that RF lasers require less maintenance. Our proprietary DC electrodes do not erode in the gas stream like some others. For added protection our gas stream flows away from - not towards - the optics.

In addition, our lasers don't require costly RF tubes and they don't suffer from corrosion related water leaks.


Turbine Compressor:

PRC's patented TURBOFLOW® compressor is an oil-free, low-speed turbine designed specifically for use in industrial lasers. Elimination of the oil bath and gear boxes associated with many fast flow lasers helps PRC lasers provide the industry's longest optic lifetime, and allows our resonator electrodes and glass to last the life of the laser.

Permanently lubricated ceramic bearings, and an absence of rotating shaft seals ensure the turbine itself a long service life with virtually no maintenance.

Touch Screen Status, Diagnostic & Control Panel

PRC's new touch screen status, control and diagnostic panel features improved laser status information, automated testing routines, built in diagnostics plus power and pulsing control for basic material processing applications.

PRC's Touch Screen Emulator Software offers all the same displays and functionality on a Windows™ based CNC or PC.

Operating Modes:
PRC Lasers offer three distinct pulse modes in addition to Continuous Wave. The different pulse modes can provide processing advantages when piercing, cutting or welding various materials. The ultra-fast response of our high-voltage section provides the sharpest pulsing wave forms available.



Optical Configurations:
Every laser design has a unique optical cavity that provides a different power distribution within the laser beam it generates. This power distribution is known as the laser's "Beam Mode".

Our product line offers three different beam modes of selectable diameters and propagations.

TEM 00 Mode
(Gaussian Beam)
1000-3000 Watts
"D" Mode
(Dimodal Beam)
1000-5000 Watts
"Q" Mode
(Quadramodal Beam)
2500-8000 Watts

Different modes may provide advantages for certain applications. For example a TEM 00 mode laser will provide deeper penetration welding with a thinner weld bead, while a D mode would provide a slightly wider weld bead. Contact a PRC applications expert to determine which mode and power level is best for your application.

GL 1000/1500/2000:
Available up to 2kW, PRC's new GL model laser is a big value that's small in size.

  • TEM "00" Low M² high quality beam
  • Standard 10.6 Micron (9.25µ, 9.6µ & 10.25µ Also Available)
  • Optional touch screen interface
  • Runs on separate or pre-mixed gases
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PLS 2500/3000/3300/4000:
PRC's compact PLS series lasers are intended for direct integration with OEM laser systems. With compact dimensions, full tooling plate and a range of options they offer an easy to integrate laser power source for any OEM system or inline manufacturing process.

  • TEM "00", "D" Mode or "Q" Mode beam
  • Direct integration to CNC / Machine control
  • 107"(2.7m) Long x 33.45"(.85m) Wide x 34.6"(.879m) High
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CH 5000/6000:
Our CH Models offer high power in a more compact enclosure

  • Great value
  • Highly configurable
  • Touch screen control & diagnostic panel
  • Rigid, light weight design is well suited for moving gantry applications
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FH 7000/8000:
Designed for thick plate cutting or high power welding the FH series delivers

  • "Q" mode beam
  • Cuts up to 32mm Stainless Steel
  • Stable output from 50-8000 watts<
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