Fast-Axial Flow Lasers -Theory Of Operation

1) Lasing Medium - Carbon Dioxide:
The compressor circulates the lasing gas through the laser resonator and heat exchangers. The heat exchangers cool the lasing gas to maintain power output and efficiency.

2) Excitation Source - Direct Current
High Voltage DC is applied across the lasing gas, causing it to glow and create a plasma discharge.

3) Optical Amplifier - Resonator
3) The DC current or RF energy excites the CO2 molecules to a higher energy state, stimulating them to emit photons or units of light energy.

4) Laser Beam Exits The Laser Cavity
4) The photons pass back and forth as they reflect off the mirrors at the ends of the resonator, while stimulating more photons to be emitted. A percentage of the emitted photons are allowed to pass through a partially transmissive optic called an output coupler.