GL Series Lasers

Available up to 2000 Watts

PRC's GL series 1000/1500/2000 Watt lasers feature a compact design perfect for direct integration to cutting machines. Great for laser retrofits on fixed or moving systems. This state of the art CO2 laser boasts a discharge efficiency up to 25% and low gas consumption of only 5-10 liters per hour.

  • Compact single enclosure laser
  • Patented TURBO FLOW compressor
  • Solid state high voltage power supplies
  • Low gas consumption, based on PRC GEM technology
  • Touch screen control and diagnostics
  • M^2 as low as 1.3 (K factor .77)
  • Eyesafe 10.6 Micron standard, other wavelengths available

Touch Screen Status, Control & Diagnostic Panel
PRC's optional touchscreen control provides laser status information and fault displays. In addition the control offers automated test routines, Input / Output diagnostic information, maintenance logbook and can control power and pulsing parameters for basic laser applications.

PRC's Touch Screen Emulator Software offers all the same displays and functionality on a Windows™ based CNC or PC.

Plan View:

  GL 1000 GL 1500 GL 2000
Rated Power (CW) 1000 Watts 1500 Watts 2000 Watts
Peak Power (Pulse) 2500 Watts 3750 Watts 5000 Watts
Operating Costs $2.55/hr $2.72/hr $2.90/hr
Gas Consumption 10L/hr (China 25L/hr)
Beam Mode TEM 00 or D Mode D Mode
Beam Quality (M^2) 1.3 or 2.0 2.0
Heat Load 54,454 BTU/hr 60,250 BTU/hr 66,700 BTU/hr
Coolant Flow 10GPM / 38LPM 18GPM / 68LPM
Pulse Frequency
Gated Pulse CW - 5kHz
Superpulse CW - 1kHz
Hyperpulse CW - 1kHz
Volts/Hertz 460V/60Hz, 420V/50/60Hz, 380V/50/60Hz
KvA (@110% CW Power) 17.6 21.7 22.5
Cut Capacity
Steel 0.375" / 8mm 0.4375" / 10mm 0.5" / 12mm
Stainless Steel 0.125" / 3mm 0.125" / 3mm 0.25" / 6mm
Aluminum 0.125" / 3mm 0.160 / 4mm 0.200" / 5mm

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