FH Series High Power Lasers

Available in 7000 or 8000 Watts

FH series 7000/8000 Watt lasers from PRC offer maximum power and performance to cut and weld the maximum thickness materials. These single enclosure lasers not only pack power, but have mode quality and stability suitable for reliable thick plate cutting 24/7.

  • Patented TURBO FLOW compressor
  • Solid state high voltage power supplies
  • Low gas consumption, based on PRC GEM technology
  • Status Display Panel
  • M^2 as low as 3.0 (K factor .33)
  • Eyesafe 10.6 Micron standard, other wavelengths available

Touch Screen Status, Control & Diagnostic Panel
PRC's optional touchscreen control provides laser status information and fault displays. In addition the control offers automated test routines, Input / Output diagnostic information, maintenance logbook and can control power and pulsing parameters for basic laser applications.

PRC's Touch Screen Emulator Software offers all the same displays and functionality on a Windows™ based CNC or PC.

Plan View:

  FH 7000 FH 8000
Rated Power (CW) 7000 Watts 8000 Watts
Peak Power (Pulse) 17500 Watts 19500 Watts
Operating Costs $9.27/hr $9.69/hr
Gas Consumption 25L/hr (China 50L/hr) 50L/hr
Beam Mode Q Mode Q Mode
Beam Quality (M^2) 3.0
Heat Load 210,000 BTU/hr 239,000 BTU/hr
Coolant Flow 40GPM / 152LPM
Pulse Frequency
Gated Pulse CW - 5kHz
Superpulse CW - 1kHz
Hyperpulse CW - 1kHz
Volts/Hertz 460V/60Hz, 420V/50/60Hz, 380V/50/60Hz
KvA (@110% CW Power) 76.5 85.5
Cut Capacity
Steel 1.25" / 32mm
Stainless Steel 1.25" / 32mm
Aluminum 0.5" / 12mm

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