CH Series High Power Lasers

Available in 4000, 5000 or 6000 Watts

CH series 4000/5000/6000 Watt lasers
from PRC offer high power and field upgradeability in a more compact and rigid enclosure. For ease of integration the CH series is highly configurable with right or left, upper or lower beam output positions, internal foldback capability, and internal adaptive optic capability.

  • Multiple optical configurations,
  • Moveable in both axes for gantry applications
  • Patented TURBO FLOW compressor
  • Solid state high voltage power supplies
  • Low gas consumption, based on PRC GEM technology
  • Touch screen control and diagnostics
  • Eyesafe 10.6 Micron standard, other wavelengths available
Touch Screen Status, Control & Diagnostic Panel
PRC's optional touchscreen control provides laser status information and fault displays. In addition the control offers automated test routines, Input / Output diagnostic information, maintenance logbook and can control power and pulsing parameters for basic laser applications.

PRC's Touch Screen Emulator Software offers all the same displays and functionality on a Windows™ based CNC or PC.

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