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Innovative Laser Solutions - For over 20 years PRC Laser has been a leading manufacturer of industrial CO2 lasers for a wide variety of material processing applications including cutting, welding and converting. PRC is focused on building reliable lasers and helping manufacturers around the world implement laser based solutions.

Proven Technology / High Performance / Long Life - Based on proven technology our product line of 1000 - 8000 Watt lasers offers unmatched value and a long service life. Characterized by low consumables cost and minimum maintenance requirements PRC Lasers bring cost effective laser processing to any application.

Custom Lasers For Specialized Applications - PRC's modular design concept and open control architecture allow us to offer customized solutions to OEM's and end users alike. Whether you require a customized optical configuration, a special laser enclosure or just need a special control interface, PRC has the products and experience to quickly meet your needs. Our laser applications laboratories in the U.S. and Europe can help to prove your application and determine what PRC model laser would be best suited for it. Click here to try our Cutting Calculator.

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